WealthServ Investments

WealthServ Investments is an integrated front to back office Mutual Funds solution for MGAs and MFDs. Our platform has been engineered to deliver scalability and adaptability to fit your organization, regardless of size or structure. Process trades, maintain compliance, and process commissions all under one solution for better communication and collaboration across your organization.


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Why WealthServ?

speed-iconEasily Process Trades

Processing trades is easy and efficient with WealthServ's ability to place trades electronically. Our interactive connection to FundServ allows both advisors and back office staff to easily track trades through an automated workflow designed to fit your organizational structure and needs.

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Commissions & Accountingspeed-icon

Full reconciliation and ability to make complex commission payout grids are easily performed in WealthServ. You can even link advisor data from our WealthServ Insurance platform for a more comprehensive advisor ledger.

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Efficient Compliance Toolsspeed-icon

WealthServ Investments back office tiered compliance module helps mitigate risk by identifying trades that need to be reviewed and monitors compliance issues such as validation of broker license checks to safeguard against possible compliance problems.

Accurate Data Managementspeed-icon

WealthServ Investments helps to ensure more accurate record-keeping through various forms of data validation, making sure that duplicates and bad data are addressed accordingly. Also, with the integration of electronic non-financial updates such as changes of address, you can ensure that your book of business is kept up-to-date with the most recent client information.



We understand the importance of tracking all aspects of your business and at all levels. Our reporting functionality allows data to be easily extracted how and when you want to see it. Reports can be automated to run in batches or pulled on-the-fly in various formats for easy viewing and distribution.

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  • Automated Reporting from WealthServ Insurance

 Advisor and Investor Connection

Our RepVision and ClientVision portals are the newest on the  market and are designed to ensure they support the trusted relationship your advisors have with their clients. Transaction history, documentation, and statements are all available in a secure online environment.                          

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