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Located west of Toronto at the QEW and Oakville/Burlington border, this established, successful, fun and growing software development company is looking to add several developers who want challenge, variety, client contact and a chance to keep learning new skills. These positions are growth, not replacement -- our dev turnover is super-low!

In our most recent survey our staff answered: what do you like about working here? Most common answers in order: the people, the culture, challenging work, social events, the management team, free food in the kitchen!

Our company is owned and run by people who were originally developers – not accountants, not salespeople – so we understand what makes a good working environment for a technical team. Started in 2001, we are at 55 people, and we are on a good growth curve due to the quality of our products, service, and client relationships. We offer good work/life balance, compensation, and a casual and fun place to work (shorts in the summer, food in the fridge, game nights, etc).

The job:

  • work in a project environment, where projects might last a few weeks to several months
  • work in changing teams of 2 to 10 people, depending on the size of the projects; teams form and dissolve project by project, assigned from our total staff of devs, b/a's and PM's to match the project needs
  • many projects have direct interaction with clients
  • developers are sometimes rotated through taking a turn in production support


  • Have 3 to 20 years of software development experience
  • Have experience primarily and recently in the .Net/Microsoft stack
  • Have work experience with modern front-end technology such as Angular, Ember, React or Vue
  • Have in-depth experience with SQL
  • Have full-stack experience from beginning to end of a project
  • Have a reputation as being one of the best in your department

Join us – love your job!

Job Type: Full-time

To apply: email your resume to


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